Concrete is a versatile and hard material that is frequently utilized in the construction industry to create surfaces that are durable. It has changed from being an unattractive flooring option utilized in industrial locations to one that is appealing and extremely sustainable. However, because concrete is porous, it is vulnerable to stains from mold, grease, oil, dirt, and chemical spills. Concrete surfaces can get dingy and dusty just like any other surface. Your concrete surfaces will look brand new after having them professionally cleaned by Melbourne Tile Cleaners. In order to clean concrete surfaces and increase its attractiveness and service life, we provide a variety of tried-and-true cleaning techniques and powerful cleaning solutions.

Concrete stain removal
Pressure washing 
Concrete Color seal

Concrete color Sealing

We advise using a penetrating color sealer to seal it. Because concrete is porous and readily stained, this is important. Therefore, regular washing and sealing will assist maintain the appearance and safeguard it from stains.
In order to prevent spills, soiling, and discoloration from damaging your concrete floors permanently, Freshfeel Cleaning Melbourne uses a deep impregnating sealer to fill in the pores in the concrete.