Cleaning has two major functions. First, it makes spaces look nice and sparkly. The appearance of a business is very important. The second is to sanitize. Not all good-looking areas are clean and disinfected.

In medical cleaning, the whole medical centre must be both clean and disinfected. Keeping your facility clean will not only give your patients peace of mind, but it will also protect both patients and staff from the spread of any illness.

Medical cleaning in Melbourne is different from commercial cleaning. Schools, banks, and offices have their dirt, grease, and spills cleaned commercially. On the other hand, hospitals with dangerous pathogens are medically cleaned. Body fluids, saline, and other infectious wastes must be dealt with separately.

Terminal cleaning is used in healthcare environments to control and break the chain of infection. Any hospital or health facility should not be a breeding ground for infection. This requires intensive training of professionals to distinguish between cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning means removing dirt and allergens from a surface while disinfecting destroys bacteria. Pesticides are known to be disinfectants that control the spread of bacteria and viruses.