Special guest coming for a visit or real estate broker is visiting home for a quick inspection? Without a doubt, contact us for one-off cleaning.

 You can’t welcome them in your untidy and messy home. If you want to set a good impression, only our services can come to your rescue. We have an experienced and entirely professional cleaning team to help you out.

So look no further, just contact us. Whether dust and debris are accumulated on the shelves, windows are unclear, or furniture is loaded with hair and fur of your beloved pets.

Our one-off cleaning service will give you a comprehensive solution. We are famous for our recurring weekly or occasionally cleaning services. Our one-off cleaning solution comprises deep cleaning of your property to ensure you don’t have to be embarrassed or disappointed with your untidy home.

So stop wasting your time, get the top-rated one-off cleaning services that get this hassles-packed task done within a short time. We are always ready for your service, whether it is a thorough cleaning or just short spruce up clean.

Why Choose Fresh Feel Cleaning Service?

It is worth choosing one-off cleaning services when you don’t have anyone around to support you in the cleaning roles. 

  1. One-off Cleaning for a Specific Area

Few clients may not want their entire home to be cleaned but a specific area. Such as, it can be a living area, store, or garden outside. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with a service to clean that specific area. Simply put forward your request and allow us to work on the cleaning job you assigned us.

  1. Full Home Cleaning

If you want to take one-off cleaning in Melbourne to clean your entire home, no doubt, we are your one-stop solution. We will clean your entire flat, rooms, or apartment, but make sure you keep the detailed checklist ready.

  1. Carpet or Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning or steam cleaning had never been as easy as it was supposed to be. You will never want to affect the quality of your carpet, furniture, or any other expensive items you have at your home. So don’t worry, we will handle it! Our steam cleaning service assures you that none of your belongings will be harmed or damaged during this cleaning session.