Steve's working career spans a total of 52 years. In that time he has amassed a wealth of
experience in various industries and designations. For 22 years Steve forged a career in the
real estate industry in Melbourne. Twelve of those years have been in Management, where
he has won industry awards for his excellence in managing people and successful offices. 
Steve was born and bred in England. In 1989, at the age of 36, he and his family emigrated to
Australia. In England, Steve spent 17 years working in local government, both as a
draughtsman and cartographer, priding himself on his mapping contribution to the building of
the Channel Tunnel where he earned praise from the House of Commons. He also has
qualifications in Mechanical Drawing, Building Drawing and Cartography, hence his very keen
eye for detail.
Steve's business philosophy is simple “tell it as it is – be truthful with all of your clients”. The
consummate professional, his integrity, sincerity and uncompromising work ethic are corner
stones of his likeable character.

We're The Fresh Feel

Fresh Feel Cleaning Melbourne is a professional cleaning business servicing the Melbourne and metropolitan areas.  We Provide Commercial and Industrial Services and Flood Damage Restoration and Floring